Our Expertise

Beyond InfraDev offers the following services in the built and industrial environment:

Our multi-disciplinary water service offering encompasses the entire project life-cycle, from pre-feasibility, concept and detailed design, construction management and operation and maintenance of bulk water supply (dams, weirs etc), water conveyance and storage (reservoirs, pump stations, canals, etc) systems (pipelines and channels), water treatment and hydraulic structures.

Our capabilities range from water master planning, situation assessments and catchment studies, infrastructure planning and design, water conservation, demand management, leak detection, water demand modeling, development and support to water service authorities and operations and maintenance of water supply systems.

Our multi-disciplinary sanitation service offering encompasses the entire project life-cycle, from pre-feasibility, concept and detailed design, construction management and operation and maintenance of bulk sewer infrastructure, sewer conveyance (reticulation pipelines and pump stations) systems and sewage treatment.

Our capabilities range from sewer master planning, capacity assessments and catchment studies, infrastructure planning and design of sewer and operations and maintenance of sewer systems.


Mega Projects

Beyond InfraDev develops and implements sustainable solutions in the energy field. The project development section services are conceptual designs, feasibility studies, cost-benefit life cycle analysis, market potential analysis, due-diligences and energy efficiency audits. The implementation section services are detailed design, tendering, project management, site supervision and commissioning.

Our capabilities range from LV, MV and HV services, standby power systems, and lighting.

Beyond InfraDev develops and implements large scale, complex projects that take years to build. These projects require large capital investment commitment and have long-lasting impacts on the economy, environment and society, i.e. a STEPP approach - Society, Technology, Economy, Politics and Physical environment.

Examples of mega projects are tunnels, airports, sea ports/harbours, power plants, dams, oil & natural gas extraction projects as well as specialised research projects.

Specialized Engineering

Quality Control & Quality


Beyond InfraDev provides specialized engineering services in the maintenance and fabrication of critical industrial assets namely boilers, heat exchangers, gasifiers and steam/gas turbines. The specialised engineering services encompasses EPC services (design, construction & maintenance) of power boilers, pressure vessels, power plant piping and welding.

The unit service offering also includes inspection planning using risk-based methods, developing maintenance procedures, quality control & quality assurance for welding as well as Quality Management Systems, Non-destructive Testing (NDT), planning & conducting Outages and commissioning maintenance activities.

Beyond InfraDev offers third part Quality Control & Quality Assurances Services for a broad spectrum of clients ranging from government departments, state owned entities, water boards, municipalities and industrial companies. The BID Quality Services provides inspectors based on client requirements, ensures quality throughout the pipeline production process, and provides inspection reports and NDT aspects of inspections. Our team of inspectors are NACE, SAIW & SAQCC certified.

Our capabilities range from third party QA/QC inspections (welding, coating & lining, pipe milling, & visual inspections), inspection and supervision of loading and off-loading operations of pipelines, pre-shipment inspections, supervision of commissioning and performance tests, product certification, accreditation for all major standards and regional and local regulations.

Property & Structures

Roads & Transportation

We provide all services in the planning, project specifications, structural analysis and design, assessment of structures and construction monitoring of commercial, industrial and residential structures. Our areas of expertise include housing, buildings, bridges, water retaining structures, structural steel, civil structures and industrial buildings amongst others.

Beyond InfraDev offers a multi-disciplinary transportation service that includes transport planning, roads & storm-water, traffic engineering and construction project management. Our expertise are as follows;


Materials investigations, visual surveys, pavement and geometric design for all road classes, pavement assessments for pavement management systems


Planning and design of storm-water facilities and related appurtenances, like culverts, channels, pipelines, attenuation dams, manholes and open drainage ways.

Geotechnical Engineering

Infrastructure Asset  Management

Beyond InfraDev Geotechnical Unit provides specialist consulting services within the fields of geotechnical engineering and engineering geology to the civil, construction and mining industries. The unit offers services in all aspect related to dolomite risk management, investigations to obtain information on the physical properties of the soil and rock underlying a site to design earthworks and foundation for proposed structures.

Our specialities are in detailed investigations, railway line, road and pipeline geotechnics, foundation designs, soil and rock slope stability, earthworks and dam embankments, dolomite risk assessments/investigations, plans and rehabilitation of dolomitic land.

We offer Infrastructure Asset Management solutions based on the International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM). Our expertise complements the broader infrastructure planning and design expertise of BID that enables it to provide a whole of life solution to its clients.

Our asset management service offering encompasses the following asset register compilation, condition assessment of all infrastructure, asset valuations, and asset management planning (asset care solutions).

Infrastructure Asset Care

Management & Advisory  Services

The Water Asset Care unit offers Water Asset Integrity Services. The unit specialises in Asset Integrity Studies. This encompasses conducting comprehensive condition assessment of the water assets, establishing the risk of asset failure for use in prioritisation models, compiling comprehensive lists of prioritised projects for maintenance, rehabilitation, refurbishment and renewal of assets, budgets for projects and development of comprehensive asset management plan for all water related assets.

Our fields of expertise range from but are not limited to visual inspections, drained CCTV inspections, external corrosion direct assessments (ECDA), mechanical and chemical testing, external steel wall thickness for pipes, hydraulic modeling, installation of RFID tagging, AC interference studies and design, conventional leak detection (non-disruptive), chamber assessments, cathodic protection assessments, engineering evaluation and integrity management.

Our Management and Advisory unit together the technological problem-solving ability of engineering and the organizational, administrative, and planning abilities of management in order to oversee the operational performance of complex engineering driven enterprises.

Our capabilities are based on international best practice in project management, program management, specialist planning and advisory, contract management and administration, revenue enhancement, project fund sourcing (grants) and training and capacity building.